Symptoms of Corona Virus Covid-19 – Novel Coronavirus 2019(2019-nCov)

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Why Coronavirus back in the news? | Symptoms of Coronavirus 2019-2020

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An outbreak of what appears to a newly discovered corona Virus has been detected in China. Its currently referred to as Novel Coronavirus 2019(2019-nCov) through a different permanent name is likely to come along soon. In mid-December 2019 multiple cases emerged of an acute febrile respiratory illness among employees at the Huanan Seafood wholesale market in Wuhan a city a Chinese city of about 11 million people although it was called a seafood market this place also sold a large number of live land animal and from chicken to bats to even live deers. It has a huge chance to transmit or born disease in humans. On December 1st 20plus cases of pneumonia of unknown etiology were reported to the WHO( World Health Organization). On January 1st the Huanan Market in Wuhan was closed fro environmental sanitation and disinfection. WHO’s incident management system was activated recently. Then CDC issues an alert for clinicians in the US to be on the lookout for patients with respiratory symptoms and recent travel to Wuhan. On the 9th of January WHO confirmed that the outbreak is caused by the new Corona Virus. On 11th First death due was reported and on 13 First case was reported in Thailand which was the first case outside of China. On 2oth case is reported in South Korea and on 16th reported in Japan and on 21 first case was reported in Taiwan and US. Those who have recently visited China were infected by the Corona Virus. In January 22ndl`confirmed cases in total all of what a small handful which is in China. CDS and WHO have reported 9 Confirmed death and Chinese media are reporting about 3000+ death in China. The Corona Virus was initially believed to spread out from animal to person, although this time but it was found that it is also spread from person to person. Many patients of novel coronavirus 2019 are denying ever visiting the animal market.  

Symptoms of Noval Corona Virus 2019 – Novel Coronavirus 2019(2019-nCov)

The symptoms of the Corona Virus are very similar to the common cold for influenza. It is quite difficult to confirm that the symptoms are of Corona or Common cold. It’s not quite better for searching for symptoms of Corona if you are getting trouble with cold and shortening of breath. The only one different symptoms form the common cold that is shortening of breath. The patient of respiratory may have a common cold also. It’s better to check the blood and Chest as soon as possible. Ignoring common cold may take out more dangerous diseases. The infectious person becomes ill within 7 to 10 days. The main symptoms of the Novel coronavirus 2019 are. 

1) Fever

Form contact with the infected person or from the infected animal. Some allergenic reactions can be seen as like of common cold. The infected person feels to have mild fever After some interval fever will burn out.

2) Cough

It is difficult to tell that which symptoms will be seen first but the infected person may also be caught by Cough like in common cold. While coughing some difficulties in breathing can be seen. Since this Novel coronavirus is different from previous so symptoms detection is difficult.

3) Getting Infectious

The infected person becomes confused either he/she is infected form a common cold or from Corona Virus. Infected persons will be caught by a common cold. The coronavirus infected person becomes infectious for 1 week before getting an illness.

4) Shortness of Breath

Since all symptoms are very similar to the common cold. Become sure that you are feeling shortness of breathing or not. If a respiratory problem is seen in person then must be careful that it is the symptoms of Corona. 

5) Short pain on Chest, joints, and muscles

Felling some pain inside the chest may be seen because it attacks our respiratory system. If you feel shortening in respiration then consult a doctor as soon as possible and reach out form public places. Some type of short pain can be filled in joints and you can feel it when you move hands and legs. The muscles of our body mainly of hands and legs started to pain in the initial stage. 

6) Feeling Tired

The infected person may feel tired due to fever or respiratory problems. He/She may feel tired because of the low energy in the body and blood problems. If a person caught by Corona then WBC of blood gets affected or decrease.

If you have some symptoms then it is better to take care of people around. The corona Virus is a very active virus and searches a host. It can spread from humans to humans or in animals to humans. So you must be free from public places and consult a doctor as soon as possible.
With Bilateral checking on chest X-ray all which is pretty non-specific. While a low white blood cell count in a high LHD were some of the lab findings of this Corona Virus which was similar to SARS. Besides of Common Cold or Influenza, it is difficult to Cure the Novel coronavirus aside form supportive care. Respiratory failure is the most difficult situation which makes the prevention difficult. It is found that one patient is successfully treated with ECMO.

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