Sociology and technology | Society and Technology

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Sociology and technology | Society and Technology

Sociology and technology | Society and Technology

Definition of Sociology

Sociology is a discipline that deals with the study of social phenomena. According to Max Weber (A well-known sociologist) “Sociology is a science which attempts the interpretative understanding of social action in order to arrive a casual explanation of its course and effect.”. Thus, sociology can be defined as a scientific and systematic study of social processes and activities. 

Society and Technology

In ancient stage is usually used to study social institutions like (marriage, family, community, culture, etc.), group behaviors, social processes, social changes, social problems, etc. Nowadays, the scope of sociology is not confined within these. The scope of sociology has been increased to address the influence of information communication technology (ITC), cyberspace problems, virtual society, social conflicts, etc. Sociology makes able to understand the needs of society, way to interact with the people and skills Everyone has to work with social people and use their knowledge in society.

Day by day the needs of people are expanding the use of Technology which changes the way to interact with jobs and society. Social research and investigation lead to detect the needs of people and help to connect the profession with society. After a deep research, the outcome only can lead any IT company the way to introduce its products in society. Sociology also includes the social process and changes which are directly influenced by the IT sector. The information system is helping to share the cultural and traditional aspects of society. Now people can study the living style of a different corner of the world and can regulate themselves.

As we are living in a global village which is only possible through the IT sector whichmay have many negative aspects in the real world. It can take really a great effort if it changes to religious aspects. In such conditions control mechanisms should be developed which needs to socialize through systematic and equanimity technique. As sociology is a generalizing science it does not includes an only single person or a group whether it attempts to occupy the overall population. As almost all populace is using social media which creates a virtual society which is also following the same procedures of natural society. Many strategies should be developed to address the influence of virtual society in the real one. As the scope of technology is increasing the art and principle of sociology are also developing.

In Information and Technology sector sociology is playing a vital role. It provides the necessary tips to run one’s life smoothly using modern gadgets in accordance to follow the social process. Lets us take an example of a social process marriage. We got amazed if we think about traditional marriage without Technology, inviting guests, traveling, recording, food, clothing, entertainment, etc. In this modern era technology becomes part of human daily life. Sociology makes a user maintain a social life while working with IT. Technology changes the way to interact with people like video calls, chatting, etc. but sociology tries to maintain the real relationship among them in real life. The principle of sociology is the outcome of research which can be formulated on the Information and technology sector to eliminate the problems.

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