Should students allowed to use portable computers in classrooms? | Use of portable devices in classrooms

Use of portable computers in classrooms, Use of laptops in classrooms

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Yes, I think students should be allowed to use portable computers in class. Portable computers are those computers that are movable and having all components that needed to make the computer portable. Any computer will be portable by using mobile components, i.e. mobile hardware and software. Portable computers are formed by combining portable hardware, software and communicating devices. this era is the ‘Digital Era’. Today almost all work of humans is succeeded because of digital computers. So, it hs also greater influence on the education system and students.

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If students are allowed to take portable computers in the classroom, they can learn in a digital way of learning. Even in the absence of teacher students can study by using their digital computer. They can search for all the unconscious topic of their study. They can use multimedia presentation for assignments and share the knowledge. We can also find many online websites providing online study and tuition classes. They can record all the videos of the classroom at the time of studying and they can use it anywhere and any time of their study. Video conferences, distant study systems all possible due to these portable devices. If the teacher is absent and students and have to attend classes form teacher then it is possible with the help of such devices. It is not necessary that a student will take all points of a single teacher and he/she may need to take the help of other teachers and it is possible only with the help of portable devices. Teachers can study through the multimedia presentation that he had prepared at home. It will be easier for both students and teachers to search for the best studying materials on the internet.

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Students can do their practical work in their own computer through which they will feel more user-friendly to do the task on their own computers. The environment of the classroom will be neat and clean because portable computers will minimize the wastages of paper. The generation of technology and science make the student more comfortable to use digital learning system. If the student uses a computer to do assignment then they will be very experienced manpower in their great future. Since the modern generation is the generation of competition and who will more be experienced and perfect to cover the part of business only be selected for the job. 

The student has very much support by using the computer in the classroom if the education system becomes fully digital. Otherwise using a computer may become part of disturbance for both teachers and students. So, it is necessary to make the studying environment fully digital and then only students will be benefited by using portable devices like laptops, computers, tablets. etc as a part of their student. Thus we can conclude that students must be allowed using a portable computer in classrooms.  

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