Scopes of community health | Best Community Health Services

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Best Community Health Services – Community Health

Scopes of community health | Best Community Health Services

By nature, community health includes community activities related to health. Such activities can be presented as follows:

a. Inspection of Food and Quality Control

Food products, which are essential for us, should be fresh. However, the businessmen adulterate them for the sake of profit for the sake of profits. Therefore, we must be aware of such adulteration and it is necessary to inspect the food products, water and milk and so on. 

b. Prevention of Epidemic and Communicable Diseases

The community is the root of diseases. Due to the lack of personal and environmental cleanliness, such diseases can be spread to other places. It is necessary to create awareness on environmental sanitation and the use of toilets. Therefore, the prevention of diseases is the scope of community health.

c. Environmental Sanitation 

Our environment must be neat and clean. Cleanliness of horses, roads, water sources, and public places controls pollution and the spread of germs. The fresh environment is important for refreshments. It helps us to healthy. Therefore, community health focuses on environmental sanitation.

d. Immunization

Some vaccines against particular diseases have been discovered. DPT, polio, measles, Je, Hepatitis B are some common vaccines. The coverage of vaccines depends upon public participation. Besides, the government provides other vaccines also. Proper coverage of immunization can prevent concerned diseases. Therefore, community health emphasizes on immunization.

e. Malnutrition

Due to the lack of knowledge and poverty, many people of developing are undernourished because of a lack of a properly balanced diet. Consequently, children suffer from malnutrition. Therefore, the government has given priority to various programs to prevent the child from malnutrition.

f. Prevention of Minor injury

Another important scope of community health is the prevention of a minor injury. The safety measures with proper awareness can help in the prevention of injuries. It helps save health and money.

g. Risk Management 

Sometimes, the community has to face natural diseases like floods, landslides, fire, and earthquakes. Advance identification of such disasters and precautions can help reduce the risks for humans and resources. Therefore, risk management can be another scope of community health.

h. Health Education

Another aspect of community health is health education. It develops the basic knowledge and skill of people regarding health. Community health focuses on the program of health education.

i. Control of Drug Abuse

Drug abuse is not only a program of drug addicts but also the problem of society and the nation. It affects the youths, responsible future citizens. Therefore, community health focuses on the control of drug abuse.

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