Replacing computers with humans | Replacing humans with machines

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Replacing computers with humans – Positive and Negative aspects

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Machines are the computer-operated nonliving things and the use of such things can be taken in both an adverse and assertive way. As the machine works for  The replacement of people with the computer has both negative as well as a positive aspect in our daily life

Computers are electronic machine which can do their tasks continuous and repeatedly without felling any tired and bored So, the production of the manufacture take high rate and lead in the competition. Once the computers are programmed to do any tasks then they not need to call again and again to do their jobs. They do not need any monthly allowance and holiday. It can do many works at the same time by using multiprocessing and multi programming features of the computer. It can replace thousands of human labor by a single computer. So, peoples are using computers for their work. They don’t need any extra experience to do work. By using computer modern transportation education and other services are possible.

As it has many positive aspects it also has a few negative aspects. The use of machine depends on humans hand that how much effectively and efficiently it has been using The replacing of computer in place of people make the competition too tough that it is difficult to participate in any new brand. Machines are the man-made tools, they produce a high amount of disturbance in people. The increment in pollution increases global warming. The maintenance cost of any machine is too expensive and after its damage, it is difficult to reuse every machine. Many types of diseases are spreading in humans due to the radiation and disturbance created by the machine. Unemployment in peoples is increasing due to the use of a machine. Due to the provision of better health facilities, the population of people is increasing day by day which directly causes by computer. The conflict in people may arise due to misleading advertisements through computers. Highly damageable bombs and other bombarding technologies are developed.

Hence, it can be concluded that computers are benefits for a human being and that should be used to achieve a good goal without creating a disturbance to nature and its beings. As it is true that computers are replacing humans from their work but computers are also a human-operated machine and it is nothing humans. So, computers can never replace the human being.

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