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Corona Virus- Todays Arising Diseases – Preventives Measures Of Novel Coronavirus 2020

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Corona Viruses have been around a long time. You may even have one yourself. You see coronaviruses are an entire family of viruses specifically enveloped RNA viruses. We have known about them for over 50 years some can cause human disease while others can cause a variety of respiratory illnesses. These viruses have animal reservoir particularly bats that are named coronavirus not bassed on the Mexican Beer but rather on their appearance under an electronic microscope. Corona is the Latin word for Crown the most common Corona Viruses which is the routine clinical practice are usually just collectively referred to as plain old Corona Virus is one cause of the common cold and less commonly cause via pneumonia or trigger exacerbations of COPD.

However, there are some other previously known Corona Viruses that not so benign two big ones are the

i. Severe acute respiratory Syndrome Corona Virus responsible for SARS and the

ii. Middle East Reponsibily Syndrome Coronavirus responsible for MERS

To understand what might come of the  current outbreak of a coronavirus it’s helpful to look at previous outbreaks

SARS- originated in China in late 2002 and the subsequent worldwide outbreak sickened 8000 people of whom 800 died but within 9 months the virus was gone. The number of Significant outbreaks of SARS was 1.

Since 2003 there have been only four outbreaks 3 which are originated in Lab Studying SARS and all of which involved fewer than 10 people. The animal host is responsible for the original outbreaks that have not been definitely identified but its believed to be either bat when an animal called a palm civet cat-like animal consumed as a delicacy in China.

MERS- First Reported in Saudi Arabia in 2012, unlike SARS which had a single large outbreak and disappeared.

MERS has seen about ten or so relatively small outbreaks all of which have been centered in Saudi Arabia except for one in South Korea in 2015. Camels appeared to be the primary host for MERS. Overall since 2012 MERS arrived there have 2500 cases and 850 deaths. Mers are significantly more deadly than SARS.

With both SARS and MERS, the transmission could be either animal to human or human to human via contact with respiratory droplets, for example, being in close contact with an infected person who is Sennzing or Coughing very similar to influenza. Health Care workers were at a particularly high risk of infection.

Precautions that applied if you infected from Coronavirus

We all know that prevention is better than cure so, be careful about your health and become updated about your society’s diseases. Most of the diseases which transmit from people to people come from people around you. In cold seasons it becomes normal to get infected from others. Coronavirus is the same as the common cold but very dangerous. So special precautions must be taken. The preventives measures of Novel Coronavirus are 

1. Stay at home

Stay home as much as possible and avoid to travel in planes, buses, trains, and other public areas because the active coronavirus can transmit from person to person and it is being very dangerous. The coronavirus is spread form the air and respiration process. Care must be needed while staying at home also, no personal contact with other members or persons.

2. Avoid busy places

As we know that the coronavirus is actively spread from the air during respiration. It will reduce infection cases and issues. It is particularly important with this data because early data shows that the people can get the infection and then for perhaps 10 to 14 days they can be infectious before they get ill.

3. No personal Contact with peoples 

Avoid visitors and became social because the coronavirus will spread from you to your visitors very easily from the air and be also conscious to visit such a person. There may be many coronavirus infected persons around you so special care must be taken by individuals.

4. Wear Quality Medical Mask 

Use good quality of medical masks that provide you a degree of protection. This virus transmits form air form respiration and from our eyes so nose, mouth are the main parts from which it transmits 

n95 masks and surgical masks can be used.

5. Don’t share foods and utensils

People feel normal for a week but they may be infectious with coronavirus and such people are the main transmitting factor of the virus. Viruses can be attached to the surface of utensils and they can directly go inside form mouth.

6. Use glasses on the eyes.

Coronavirus can spread form eyes also through air and moisture so wrapping glass is a very gentle way to become secure. When people sneezing or coughing then they spreading the virus out in the environment.

7. Wear good qualities of gloves in hand

When people sneeze or cough the virus can in touch with any surface and the surface can get in touch with our hands. From hands, they can go inside our bodies. We can touch our mouth or eyes and when we touch mouth or eyes they can go inside. Wash hands gently from time to time when you come from outside.

8. Take good nutrition, Vitamin D

The coronavirus attacks the WBC of our blood and decreases our immune power.  It is very good to take extra vitamins and proteins tablets and minerals tablets. To strengthen the immune system dietary components is very necessary. Vitamin D is also very important to take sunshine.

9. Avoid Hospitals 

Hospitals are the areas where many infectious visitors may come and they even don’t know whether they are infectious or not. Because this virus makes ill after 10 to 14 days or earlier. Inform doctors if you have some symptoms of the Corona Virus.

10. Keep Warm  

We know that colds and flu spread in colder weather and virus can live for longer in cold due to less humidity. In winter we get a runny nose and that reduces the blood supply to our nose and that means less immune cells are going. Wear warm clothes and maintain temperature normally which helps to boost up the immune system.

If you have some symptoms then it is better to take care of people around. The corona Virus is a very active virus and searches a host. It can spread from humans to humans or in animals to humans. So you must be free from public places and consult a doctor as soon as possible.

With Bilateral checking on chest X-ray all which is pretty non-specific. While a low white blood cell count in a high LHD were some of the lab findings of this Corona Virus which was similar to SARS. Besides of Common Cold or Influenza, it is difficult to Cure the Novel coronavirus aside form supportive care. Respiratory failure is the most difficult situation which makes the prevention difficult. It is found that one patient is successfully treated with ECMO.

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