Preventive measures for communicable diseases | Types of transmittable diseases

Communicable Diseases and its Preventives measures, Infectious Diseases and its preventive measures.

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The condition of illness or infirmity in the body due to infections of germs or internal disorder is called disease. The body cannot function smoothly and becomes sick due to disease. Internal disorder means poor working or damage to internal organs. Germs are bacteria, viruses, parasites, and other microorganisms. Something direct contact, polluted air, water, cuts and wound, bites of insects and animals are also responsible for diseases. There are two types of diseases. They are communicable diseases and non-communicable diseases.

 Communicable Diseases:

The diseases which are transmitted from one person to another are called communicable diseases. communicable diseases are caused by infectious germs. the germs are transmitted through food, water, air, direct contact, and many other routes. Common cold, typhoid, cholera, measles, AIDS, tetanus, tuberculosis, etc. are some examples of communicable diseases. Communicable diseases become viral at the time of changing seasons. So, at the time of changing seasons taking care of the body is very necessary.

Preventive measures of communicable diseases:

1. Use of safe drinking water:

Water is an important element for human beings to do various things. We cannot live without water. A number of communicable diseases transmitted through dirty and polluted water. The use of pure drinking water helps to prevent communicable diseases. Water can be purified by boiling, filtration, SODIS system and using chemicals.

2. Safe and balanced diet:

The food we eat must be hygienic, germ-free and nutritive. food supplies the necessary nutrients that help to do various activities. A balanced diet contains the right amount of foods from each group according to the body weight of an individual. the rotten, stale and dirty food which contains various germs causes the disease and transmitted it from one person to another. So such types of foods should be eaten.

3. Sanitation and Cleanliness:

Sanitation and cleanliness play a vital role to prevent us from diseases. Personal cleanliness and environment Sanitation should be maintained properly. We should pay attention to make our surrounding environment neat and clean. Personal cleanliness and community sanitation help to control various kinds of communicable diseases.

4. Immunization:

The process of injecting various medicines into the body in order to develop resistance power against various diseases is called immunization. It helps to increase the defense mechanism of our body to fight against disease-causing germs. Many diseases tuberculosis, polio, measles, hepatitis, tetanus, diphtheria, diphtheria, whooping cough, etc. are prevented by immunizing children in proper time amount.

5.Healthy Habits:

Maintaining healthy habits is the most important preventive measure of communicable disease. We always try to be neat and clean but sometimes become lazy and unconscious about small things that make us ill badly. Washing hands before taking food, not taking other’s food and water which has already taken, not covering mouth and nose while sneezing, regularly cleaning of eyes, ears, nails, etc are minor points which become major supportive points for disease.

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