Major problems in adolescence | Adolescence issues

Common adolescence issues – Issues in adolescence

Adolescence is a sensitive period of human life. As a result of rapid change in physical, mental, emotional and social aspects; adolescents encounter many problems during this period. Some of the problems of adolescents are mentioned below:

A. Peer Pressure

Here, the simple meaning of peer is ‘a person with the same age, status, and social group’. In this stage, adolescents have strong faith and trust in their peer mates rather than their parents and guardians. So, they enjoy with their peers. They are very loyal to their peer’s mates. If parents and guardians do not behave according to their expectations, adolescents feel humiliated and they even leave their homes and ready to stay with their peers. In this period, adolescents may indulge in unsocial activities like drug addiction, tobacco, and alcohol consumption, and unsafe and other anti-social activities.

B. Imitation

Imitation is also one of the significant characteristics of adolescents. In this age, adolescents easily imitate action, dressing, walking style and like form their ideal personalities(actors, singers, players, models, artists, etc). During this period, adolescents can not distinguish the right and wrong things but if they start smoking, alcohol consumption, drug abuse, and so on as their ideals persons doing it; it ruins their life. So, blindfold imitation eventually produces bad consequences.

C. Sexual abuse

At this stage, physiological and biological changes in the body increase their sexual desire. Due to this, they are attracted to the opposite sex. Using dirty words, ragging, physical contact, demonstrating bad signs, telephone bluff calls, rape, etc. are common problems performed by some adolescents during this period. Some people are sexually abused in the greed of job, promotion, extra earning, etc. It may occur both outside and inside the house. Females are more vulnerable to this kind of abuse.

D. Unsafe Sex

In this stage, there is an adequate secretion of sex hormones among adolescents. They develop a tendency to practice in unsafe sexual activities due to the secretion of sex hormones in their body. They may misuse the relationship of girlfriend and boyfriend into unsafe sexual intercourse. This may result in unwanted pregnancy, the transmission of STIs, HIV & AIDS, Hepatitis ‘B’ etc. Furthermore, it may cause social boycott, health in jeopardy, disturbance in academic performance, and mental tension.

F. Early Marriage

Early marriage refers to marriage before completing the adolescence period. In our context, our social beliefs and values are partly responsible for early marriage. On the other hand, adolescents are sexually more active but they lack proper guidance and counseling. So, they do not hesitate to get into early marriage. This situation adversely affects the girls’ health, education, and overall development process. At this age, they are not physically mature to beget the children. Hence, early marriage is dangerous to the mother and the child too.

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