Impacts of IT in society| Positive and negative effects in Society due to science and technology.

Impacts of science and technology  in society

Impacts of science and technology  in society
Science and technology have made our work easier to do. Technology changes the scenario of the world. Any work that seems to be impossible to do, science and technology make it possible. It has many positive impacts on human society. We will discuss the effects of science and technology on society.

Positive Impacts

Worldwide distant communication becomes possible due to technology in the present era. Now, we can communicate in any part of the world just in minutes. Not only voice calls we can do video calls and live video conferences. Transportation becomes easier, faster and reliable. Technology made the modern fastest transportation possible. Now, we can travel to any part of the world in an easy route at a low cost. In the past, the travel horses and carts were used which takes very much time to travel and it was coaster also. The education system becomes digital due to the use of technology. As the whole world is focusing on education with practical knowledge, technology becomes an integrated part of the study We can teach online to others and we can also study online by using technological devices. Now, teachers can use the computer to prepare textbooks and different course materials. AI-based software and robots are using for teaching and purpose Developmental activities have become efficient by using technology. Society becomes a global village due to technology. The information-sharing system makes global as a small village. We can post Information on social media; it will take several minutes to become viral worldwide. The system of e-governance, e-commerce, e-banking, etc. have become possible due to science and technology. Health facility becomes more reliable and easier only with the help of technology. Technology becomes one of the best friends of doctors and experts. The problem of an individual becomes a problem of global. We can take decisions from many experts by sitting inside and on the other hand the room. The security. becomes very strong due to technology. The CCTV potage, fingerprint unlock system, eye scan, body scan, etc. system makes good security so that peoples in society can sleep without any fear of anything.

Negative Impacts

Like many positive impacts, it also has many negative impacts on society. Misunderstanding among people will arise due to fake advertisement and misdeeds takes place in social media. It’s become easier to make fake worldwide advertisement thought social media. Such fake news creates violence in society and the national level. Even a fake fault makes fear in people worldwide. Illegal videography, pornography, blackmailing and many other problems arise in society. Hacking and cracking activities become easier to do and it is growing rapidly to copy and paste system the Ideology of a person decreases. Technology has created a virtual society which decreases the personal interaction among people. People living in the same society may unknown with each other. Technology increases pollution in our environment. This also increases global warming. The Digital Divide takes place in society. The feeling of gaps between the people based on knowledge, experience, and capacity to use technology is creating a digital divide in society. For example, the person who can hire technology makes their life comfortable and developed but one who cannot hire it will remain society process refers tithe Fundamental human relationship embedded in social structures and system consisting of the modes of interaction between and among the members of society and undeveloped in society.

We can finally get on the point that technology has both negative and positive effects on our society. Every type of society has a link with its successful journey in the path of development. Controlled and effective use of technology leads to advantages while misuse and uncontrolled use of technology leads to arise negative consequences.

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