Aged Care | Care of the aged

Responsibility towards Aged people – Taking care of old people

Old people are the creator of society. They have created a family. Social, cultural and spiritual norms, values and experiences are transferred to the new generation by them. Old age is not a problem in itself if proper care and support are provided to elderly people. For the welfare of elderly people, we have to provide emotional, social, economic and other invaluable support and care to them. Furthermore, we should make them free from pain, tension, and disease. Some important points about the elderly care them free from pain, tension, and disease. 

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Some important points about aged care are mentioned below:

  • They should be provided with an easily digestible balanced diet.
  • The facility of regular health examination and treatment should be provided.
  • Special attention should be provided to their personal hygiene.
  • The long journey should be avoided.
  • It is better to do light exercise and yoga.
  • We should respect and honor them.
  • There should be the provision of libraries, reading rooms, parks, and clubs for their entertainment.
  • There should be well managed elderly homes for them.
  • There must be the provision of three health services to them.
  • There must be the provision of adequate old-age allowance or pension to them
  • Family members should give adequate time to them
  • After retirement, they should be given due to respect through appreciation letter, medal, pension, allowance, etc.

Importance of Elderly People ( Senior Citizens)

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Elderly people are the bases of life. They are our source of knowledge, information, and inspiration. The elderly people can give guidelines to the young generation from their experiences. Hence, they are so much previous to the young generation. The importance of elderly people is mentioned in the following points.

  • They can guide the young generation to work effectively with their experiences.
  • They have knowledge and experience of the past, we can study it as history.
  • They can be mobilized in creative and productive work so that they can involve in the development of the nation.
  • They can transfer knowledge, skill, and experiences related to socio-cultural norms, values, beliefs, and rituals to the young generation.
  • They are out guardians and life providers so they have a great contribution to make us capable and dedicated person to the nation.
  • In a family, small children get proper care, good suggestion and support from them.

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