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Aged Care and Causes | Causes of early age

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Symptoms of  Aging  | Causes of early age

Aged Care and Causes | Causes of early age

Symptoms of  Aging  | Causes of early age

We generally can define the word ‘Ageing’ because it is the word through which we are familiar enough. Aging is the process of getting old or the stage of getting old. According to the Oxford Dictionary, ‘aging is the process of growing old physically and mentally’.

Aging can be defined as a process of growing old with distinct physical, psychological and social changes with the passing of time.

When people get older they become mentally, physically and sociologically weaker. As a result, they cannot perform the same level of work as earlier. At the same time, they suffer from various kinds of diseases like arthritis, hypertension, diabetes, etc.

Ther are various stages of human life. Old age is the last stage of human life. In the global context, it is the last stage of human life. In the global context, it is said that people reach an old age after 65 years. The people above the old age are called old or elderly people.

Causes of Ageing

Diminished immunity power

Immunity power is the capacity of a human to fight with the diseases and fast recovery of damaged cells and tissues. Since this capacity of human depends on the nutrients and balanced diet taken and also depend on the age of people. As people are growing old and immunity power slowly starts to decrease and have to suffer from many diseases.

Increase in mental tension

Mental Tension is one of the main agents of aging and many more diseases. Our brain, the most critical part of the body in mental tension goes on superior mode and starts to think about one side either that is good or bad. The secretion of a hormone that increases the nervousness in our body. In mental tension, the diet and sleeping of a person get disturbed and bring many diseases.

At the elderly period the responsibility toward home increases. They become dependable on others on money and physical strength. They may be alone because their children may be settled on another place for employment. These factors force them to be in aging.

Poor nutrition

Old people need more nutrients and a healthy diet to be free form diseases. The digestive system of the old people becomes very less efficient and proper nutrients may not be supplied to the body. Many old people caught by many diseases and cannot take proper nutrients which is very essential to their bodies. Proper nutrients also help in balancing the immunity power of the old power.

Frequent attack of disease

The main cause of illness in aging is decreasing the immunity power in the body. A proper balanced diet and provision of nutrients should take place in the body to free from diseases. Safe clothing and diet according to the season should be chosen to free form diseases.
  • Prolong illness
  • Major of old people are suffered from
  • Degeneration of cells and tissues
While becoming old the capacity of regenerating the cell and tissues decreases. The capacity for generating cell and tissues depend.

Signs and Symptoms of Ageing

1. Physical Changes

  • Taste buds become less sensitive
  • Loss of hearing
  • The gradual loss of touch sensation
  • Problem in digestion
  • Wrinkles on the face and other parts of the body
  • Weakness and tiredness
  • Difficulty in body movement
  • High devotion to religious and spiritual activities
  • Loss of sexual potency
  • Loss of appetite/Anorexia
2. Mental Changes
  • The decrease in memory power
  • The decrease in decision-making capacity and creativity
  • Increase in spiritual activities
  • The decrease in problem-solving capacity
  • Dissatisfaction toward the performance of the young generation increases.
3. Social Changes
  • Unable to make active participation in social activities
  • The feeling of loneliness increases
  • Affection and attachment towards the small children increases
  • The expectation of love, affection, respect and honor from the family and society increases
  • The expectation of love, affection, respect, and honor from the family and society increases
  • Intrest of sharing feelings with the same age people increases
  • Loss of social status
 4. Emotional Changes
  • Anger comes soon
  • Less interest in everything
  • Recalling of old memories
5. Economic Changes
  • Dependent life
  • Retirement from job/occupation
  • The decrease in income source
  • Inadequate sources of income

Problems of Ageing or Old Age

People suffer from various problems in old age. They are physically and mentally weaker. Similarly, they suffer from many diseases like diabetes, respiratory disease, hypertension, urination problems, eye disease, etc. They also suffer from psycho-signal and economic problems, eye disease, etc. They feel alone in this period. Old age is a problem in itself but lack of proper care and support to them have become a greater problem at present. Due to the rapid growth of the old age population; it has become a great challenge to the nation. Since aging is accepted as a challenge, it has become one important area of Family Life Education.

Some aging problems are mentioned below.

  • Unable to carry on occupation/profession
  • Eyes, ears, urethra and other organ become weaker
  • Loss of physical and mental strength
  • Loss of immunity power
  • Loneliness
  • Dependent life
  • Frequent attack of diseases related to heart, lungs, kidney, etc.

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