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Major Application areas of the computer

It is not a very difficult task to write about the use of computers in today’s generation. We can see all the artificial things around us have bonded with the computer in any way. It is because of competition in the market and only computers can work in such efficiency to fulfill the needs. Versatility makes the application area of the computer so large. Hospitals, Schools, Farming, etc. are the fields which had potentiality in the past but the same sector now can extinct without computers. Research Centers, Press, Banks, Industry, Communication, defense, Cinema, etc. are some application area of computer Some application area of computer is listed below.

Application Areas of the Computers

1.Application of computers in Education:

Computers are widely used in the fields of education. Schools and Colleges use computers in classrooms and labs to teach students. Teachers can search for teaching material and can explain difficult topics through presentation and audio-visual classes. Students can search for materials for them to study, for project reports, and complete their assignments by using computers. Universities are launching distance learning programs through the computer. The computer-based training (CBT) is also called Computer-Aided Instruction (CIA), which permits the computer to teach students in the classroom. Online education is also possible using a computer.

2. Use of computer in Medicine and Health: 

The computer becomes one of the hands of doctors and the medical profession becomes so advanced. In the hospital, computers are used for diagnosing illness observing the state of patients, keeping the necessary records of patients and doctors, recording CCTV videos, etc. In the hospital, computers are used as a medical unit like Intensive Care Unit (ICU), Electrocardiograph (ECG), Operation Theater, Medical Ward, etc. Pacemakers are computers that operate within the human heart to maintain a heartbeat. X-Ray, CT-SCAN, etc. are executed by computers.

3. Application of Computer in Entertainment: 

The entertainment sector is one of the major aspects that computer equipment is affecting. Video games, Cinematic movies, Music’s and videos are some of the major sources of entertainment. Social media and the internet made the world as a common village. Any type of event occurring in any part of the world can be enjoyed from every part of the world like a live cricket match, football matches, concerts, etc. can be enjoyed in every part of the world. Cinema is one of the advents of the computer, cinematic movies full of 3D animation and virtual reality system made the entertainment sector most applied.

4. Science and research:

Computers are used in all branches of science for various purposes for a variety of purposes. Researchers and scientists collect the latest information around the world through the Internet. All the scientific researches are carried out by computer. Real-life experiments are not applicable because it may hamper the human race so computers are used for experiments. Complex calculations are other necessities that make the computer more applicable in science and research.

5. Use of Computer in Astronomy: 

Today's computer is an important part of modern astronomy. Observing and running around space cannot be imagined without computers. Humans have successfully landed on the moon; many types of satellites are helping us form space. Supercomputers are the most powerful computers that are using in NASA for space traveling activities and weather forecasting. Astronomers also use computers to work out designs for new telescopes and analyze the data collected by telescopes. Modern advanced astronomy is one of the impacts of the computer.

6. Application of computers in Defense:

Powerful defense systems can only be operated by powerful computers. In this field, more advanced computers are used to search and locate the position of the enemy and their weapons. Modern weapons are more dangerous and can take a lot of destruction like missiles, rockets which are launched and controlled by computers. Strong passwords can be used for top-level security which can’t be hacked like eye scan, fingerprint, motion detector, etc. with the help of the computer.

7. Use of Computer in Desktop Publishing: 

What are you reading? one of the creations of computer isn’t it? Obviously yes. Computers are playing a very important role in the field of desktop publishing and sharing. Publishing newspapers, magazines, books, etc. cannot be imagined without computers. The designers use word processors and graphics software to design pages of books or magazines on the computer 

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